Do you do custom work?

Yes I do! However I am not accepting custom work at this time during my maternity leave. If you’d like to be added to my wait list when I return to custom work please reach out via email brittakauppilametalsmith @ When I return to normal working hours I would love to work with you to design a custom piece of jewelry for you that fits within my aesthetic and techniques. Let me know what you're thinking and if I'm not the right person for you I'm happy to recommend someone who would be!

When will you take custom work again?

I will open my custom work to my wait list clients first starting late fall/first of the year 2019.

How long does a custom piece of jewelry take?

It all depends on my schedule, but typically takes about 6-8 weeks. I'm a one woman show and these two hands are limited by the time in the day.


How much does your work cost?

The price varies greatly depending on materials, design, finger size, gemstones etc. Most of my in-stock engagement rings will range from $1,900-$3,500, wedding bands range from $300-$1,900 and silver gemstone rings $250-$500. Fashion jewelry starts at $30-$900.


I have heirloom gems, do you work with those?

Yes I do! I must inspect the stone before accepting to work with it, but most likely we can. Also, if it is a family diamond it is good to have it appraised before I work with it.


Do you take returns?

If the piece of jewelry was purchased from me from my in-stock collection it may be returned or exchanged within 30 days of purchase. Custom design pieces, since they are made just for you, are not returnable.


Do you do repair work?

Thanks for asking, but I only work on the jewelry I've created.


How should I care for my jewelry?

Love it, wear it, treat it kindly. The nicer you treat your jewels the longer they will stay nice for you. Remove your jewelry if you're doing heavy labor, working with chemicals, and extra points if you remove it while you shower.


How should I clean my jewelry?

Gold and stones use hot tap water, an old toothbrush, and Dawn dish soap and just brush gently to remove grease and residue. Use hot water to rinse. Do not clean pearls or emeralds, only with water and a soft cloth. To restore a white finish to your silver jewelry (which naturally oxidizes over time) I suggest to use white toothpaste, a dry soft cloth, and rub gently to take off the oxidation. Rinse with hot water and dish soap. So many silver cleaners are full of toxic chemicals and are not safe for stones.


How often should my jewelry be checked for repair?

For rings I suggest once or twice a year. Our rings take so much abuse day in and day out, and metal and gems are not indestructible so over time there may be some repairs needed to keep your jewels looking great and strong.


Tell me about your materials, where does it come from?

All the stock metal I use is 100% recycled metal from a refiner in VA who is committed to safe and responsible environmental practices. All my gemstones are also conflict-free and diamonds abide by the Kimberley Process. Although if you would like a higher accountability of the materials I am happy to offer recycled stones and fair-trade stones.