In my metalwork I am very interested in texture. Nature provides a wonderful example of how different value, form, line, and texture combine to produce movement, rhythm, and harmony.  Asymmetrical figures produce symmetrical forms as symmetrical patterns also breed asymmetrical themes. I am drawn to the contradiction of the hard, immovable, structural metal mimicking the most delicate and soft pieces of nature. 

I appreciate the historical aspect of jewelry and I love to work in ancient techniques and antique gems such as Keum Boo, granulation, and rose cut gems. There is a close relationship with the piece of jewelry and the handmade process. I always contemplate the movement of the jewelry and how it interacts with the body. I am fascinated how the body and jewelry move as one or as opposite powers and create an ambience and attitude- all which make jewelry an extension of our personal presentation.

- Britta Kauppila